A downloadable game

A tiny game about me Moran and her.

You replay a story of Moran who discovers a machine called My Little Porny that is supposedly able to produce a perfect girlfriend. As you suspect, the bed's about to be shat, hard time.


The game is developed along and on top my tiny open-source framework Punity done with pure C love. I try to stream the game development as much as possible at my hitbox.tv channel, so come and say hello.


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Another game of yours that I definitely want to play!

Thank you! I'm now working on another (not yet published game), but I'll definitely get back to this one afterwards.

Will there ever be a playable version for the public?

Hello, sorry for my late reply. Yes there will be, I'd probably start with a tinier-version of it for LOW-REZ JAM 2016, just to test out some ideas.